Hello, nice to meet you!

Mission Statement

If your company's goal is to get on the first page of Google we are excellent Google advertisers. We have received commendations from Google for our work on behalf of our clients. However, everyone is different every company is different and not everyone needs to be on the first page of Google. We will design a site and experience personalized and customized to best fit your needs an those of your customers.

We will not communicate using industry jargon, we will not focus on spurious and opaque analytics. We do not make false promises. We share site analytics. We only promise you what we can provide and we will not confuse you with complicated terminology.

Our foundation is built upon valuing an ethical approach to business, from the websites we build, to the translation services we provide, to our award-winning digital advertising. If that sounds like a company you would like to work with then you want to work with

Quiet Front Pro.


About the Founder

C. Ryan Louderback is a native of the California Bay Area, USA. He is always up for learning new skills and is an avid traveler. Mr. Louderback personally takes on just one or two clients at any given time as he is also a middle / high school teacher.

As A Hobbyist Turned Small Business Owner

As founder of Quiet Front LLC, Mr. Louderback has taken several long time hobbies combining photography, writing, telling stories through images, as well as digital learning and graphic design to provide professional quality, personalized, authentic, and affordable websites enhanced with digital marketing unique to the needs and desires of the client. He is transparent in his use of analytics and he knows he has much to learn still. Mr. Louderback continues to develop his digital skills through online learning and professional development.

Mr. Louderback has received a commendation from Google for his Google Ads work with the Louderback Law Group in 2019 and continues to set higher targets with one new project at a time such as BluuElephant.com (still in production). He is grateful to his partner, Ms. Piedrahita, for her help in developing the multi-talented two person team that can deliver a better website at half the price for small to midsize business competitors.

As An Educator

The main reason why Quiet Front Pro only brings in a few clients at one time is that Mr. Louderback is also a teacher going back into the classroom this fall, 2019. Before spending the last 3 years working on enhancing his digital knowledge, application, and related skills while living in Latin America, Mr. Louderback taught every year from 2007-2016. Starting with teaching English in Vietnam, he has since then taught in Taiwan, California, Indonesia, and China, as well as some higher secondary tutoring online.


About the Managing Partner

Native from Medellin, Colombia, Ms. Piedrahita is just as passionate as her partner, Mr. Louderback, when it comes to traveling and acquiring new skills and knowledge on the way.

Angelica Piedrahita is fluent in English and Spanish and has a wide range of experience in advertising, marketing, account management, public relations, translation services, customer service, human resources and recruiting on an international scale.

She takes pride in every single new achievement, task, and contribution, from her to others and from others who have provided her with the tools and passion for continuous learning, and to keep on growing personally and professionally.

She works with professionals who want to get noticed by their clients in a different, unique and personalized way, she focuses on what's important to Quiet Front’s clients, their priorities, questions, and feedback. She delivers the results our clients want to obtain.

She’s in charge of clients based in Spanish-speaking countries, and in charge of the translation services.

She also has less to say about herself than her partner. ;)